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Counselling and Therapy allows you to explore and work through patterns of feeling, thinking and behaviour that may not be helpful to you in your life. It also enables you to develop a better and deeper understanding of yourself and to explore and draw upon new insights. This in turn enables you to take further positive steps towards healing and growth and positive action in future. 

Therapy can be a space in which you gift yourself the time for healing through experiences in a way that is empowering and allows you to discover all of the strengths, insight, wisdom and potential within you and also to develop new ways of then sharing these in your life, work and relationships with self and others. 

While I am able to offer approaches based on premises related to problem solving, cognitive behavioural therapy approaches and solution focused, I am also able to assist you in delving more deeply into exploration of your self in order to gain greater depths of understanding and assistance in working through longer term concerns. 

In this way patterns and themes that have often become problematic will be explored and often these are linked with one's past traumatic experiences that have not yet been explored and processed and worked through. It is often the case that these enduring patterns and themes are at the centre of other experiences such as anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, grief and loss, somatic complaints and additive behaviours etc. 

Together we can explore the modality and support that will best suit your needs and together we can decide upon the best approach for you and negotiate how this process will best support you in your goals. Aside from verbal discussion and sharing I am also able to offer the opportunity for discussion and exploration of dreams, sand tray and symbol work, art and emotional release activities and mindfulness and grounding approaches.  

Above all else, the most important element of all the support and counselling I offer, is the building of a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship together and a therapeutic relationship in which you are heard, seen, understood and provided with an opportunity to be part of the process that is empowering and respectful. 

Self growth and self actualisation are also areas that may be of interest to you . If so, I am able to offer the opportunity for exploration with regards to life purpose, self compassion and meaning, exploration of self and creativity and can also assist in focusing on life style changes and integration and discussion of spirituality and its importance in ones life and growth.  








have experience and interest in working in the following areas in counselling and therapeutically: 

* Anxiety, depression and stress

* Trauma and abuse

* Domestic and Family Violence

* Grief and Loss (including Separation/Divorce)

* Parenting/Caring Roles

* Past experiences of Domestic Violence 

* Sexual abuse  

Life purpose, direction and meaning

* Learning to love yourself and become more self compassionate 

* Healing and growth 

* Self nurturing and self compassion and self actualisation  


* Increased self confidence 

* Learning balance and gaining emotional stability 

* Creating more calm and peace in life

* Gaining greater motivation and positivity 

* Gaining a sense of purpose, meaning and direction 

* Becoming more empowered

* Develop your ability to identify and utilise your strengths, both internally and within your environment 

* Building assertion and thus learning to identify and work towards focusing on your own needs, hopes and dreams

* Creating stronger and healthier connections with others 

* Developing a stronger sense of self and self compassion 

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