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Supervision is an essential part of offering Play Therapy and other Therapeutic services for children and counselling for adults.


I, myself access supervision for all of the areas of work that I engage in and have done so throughout my entire professional career.


Supervision is extremely important to me and has been invaluable in my learning and growth during these years and my ability to offer Professional Confidential Supervision is a great honour and privilege. 

Aside from having completed Supervision Training with Margaret Morrell through the Australian Association of Social Workers, I am also a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) (APTA) and am able to provide Professional Supervision for the following: 

* Students studying Social Work and completing Practical Work Placements

* Social Work Professionals in numerous roles, including those that engage in case management, counselling, group work and Play Therapy 

* Student Counsellors

* Other welfare workers and Support Workers

* Other community members training in fields related 

* Training Play Therapists and/or Registered Play Therapists or those attempting to acquire Registration 

* Potentially other Professionals, dependent upon their roles and requirements. 

Over the past 10 years I have provided informal guidance and mentoring and more formalised Supervision to students and staff working in the fields of Social Work, Play Therapy and in various Welfare roles.

The Supervision I offer is flexible in terms of the approach implemented. Whilst some people prefer to focus the sessions in a structured way, others prefer the opportunity for debriefing and exploration of their own concerns and reactions or other challenging situations occurring in their roles. I am able to provide both methods in supervision. Supervision can be used for the following types of purposes: 

* To provide a safe, supportive chance for you to engage in critical reflection

* To enable you to raise issues, explore problems 

* To assist in the discovery of new ways of handling situations and perhaps your own interventions or approaches 

* To gain further knowledge and skills to assist in your delivery of assistance to others 

* To give you the opportunity to debrief and share with regards to your own thoughts, feelings and experiences 

* To ensure that you have access to a safe confidential space in which you can learn, grow and offer the best possible services to others

* To ensure you remain accountable for work undertaken and are also able to reassure clients of this 

* To assist in gaining or maintaining registration or membership with various relevant organisations/groups 

** Supervision can be provided in person or by telephone or Zoom dependent upon circumstances. If you are interested in accessing supervision please contact me to discuss and explore options. 

White Flowers


As you may already be able to tell, I am very keen and passionate learner in my areas of interest and also in my own life and self.


I have participated in numerous trainings during my professional career and continue to access ongoing opportunities for learning. As a result perhaps of my own love of learning, I am also very keen on the potential to now offer more training myself to others in the community.


In the past I have assisted in the provision of Play Therapy Training Groups through Play Therapy Australia; have presented training for Volunteers, assisted in training of Certificate 3 in Community Services for volunteers, have presented on various topics to large groups and am interested now in developing and offering training in the local area. I also completed the Certificate IV Training and Assessment. 


I am specifically also interested in the provision of Trauma Informed Practice for schools and am interested in working with schools in relation to ways in which children's needs can be even better identified and met. 

I have engaged in Team Building with organisations, staff debriefing after Natural Disasters (Cyclone Larry and Yasi) and as part of this also, I have provided information to groups with regards to Post Traumatic Stress and the signs of this. 


I am extremely excited to develop and offer training as well in the local community that will assist in the sharing of knowledge and skills I have been so privileged to learn over the years and I would love to hear from you with regards to the type of training that might benefit you and/or your organisation. Please do contact me to discuss and/or to register interest in areas you may like to access training in and we can discuss what I may be able to provide.  

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