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Professional Testimonial: 

"I have been privileged to know Natalie McKenzie for many years and I highly recommend her work as a Play Therapist and Counsellor. She is a sensitive, highly skilled and exceptional Play Therapist with an enormous capacity for empathy and compassion with both children and parents/carers. What Natalie offers in her Play Therapy work, is a wonderful form of early intervention that can really make such a positive difference in the lives of children and families." 

Jewel Janan

Director of the Play Therapy Online Training Academy 

Personal Testimonial 

"I have known Natalie for most of my life and I've found her to be one of the most loving, caring, honest and understanding human beings I know. She is highly self aware and intuitively sees you and who you are and understands the power in listening with an open heart. Natalie has been my rock in my life when I couldn't see the forest for the trees and has held space and was a guide for me in my healing. I highly recommend Natalie. 

Amy Divine. 

Professional Testimonial:

"Natalie has been both a valued colleague and a cherished mentor, and after working with Natalie for many years I have seen the profound impact her work has had on the lives of many of her clients and their families. Natalie's gentle and compassionate counselling approach supports people at their own pace. As well as her work with adults, Natalie is a brilliant and highly skilled Non Directive Play Therapist. Helping children find their way through, to a better understanding of their experiences, to form new narratives and eventually emerge with a stronger sense of self; happier and healthier." 

Professional Testimonial: 

"Natalie is a warm, friendly and caring person who maintains a professional manner. Natalie makes each family member feel welcome and relaxed in any situation. Her interactions with children and families are consistent, genuine, positive and inclusive of everyone. Natalie is understanding and respectful of people's needs and uses her skills and resources to enable families." 

Professional Testimonial: 

"Natalie is a very professional, experienced and caring therapist. Building on her social work qualifications she has expanded her specialist knowledge of therapeutic techniques and also gained Registration as a Play Therapist. I was Natalie's first Manager as a new social work graduate 20 years ago. I have been delighted with her commitment to the profession and to continuing professional development. She is someone you can trust to help you."

Social Worker

Professional Testimonial : 

"I have known Natalie in her professional capacity for 20 years. I have always been inspired by her caring nature. The support she offers to families and children in need is second to none. Her crisis support is done in such a way that even the most apprehensive feel at ease with her. I have been involved in some of her support groups and found that the way she conducts these groups makes everyone feel supported and heard. She is a fantastic counsellor that I highly recommend to anyone needing support for themselves, family or children.' 

Primary School Teacher

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