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Support Group Session

Adult support Groups are small groups of people who have similar experiences who can share their experiences and feelings and thoughts in order to gain support from one another in a safe environment.


Benefits of support groups include the following: 

* not feeling as alone

* connecting with others

* help to develop new skills in relating to others 

* allow you to open up and discuss your thoughts and feelings in a safe space 

* provide you with practical skills and advice 

* provide new coping strategies learnt from others ideas also 

* assist in remaining motivated and happier 

During my career I have been involved in the development and provision of the following support groups: 

* Women's Recreational/Support Group,

* Adult Survivor's of Suicide Support Group and

* Golden Memories Support Group for adults whose loved partner/husband/wife had died. 

I am keen to attempt to respond to community needs with regards to support groups required, so if you have any suggestions please do let me know. To date I do not have any support groups available, however, I will potentially develop one or more as the needs for these and community interest becomes clear. 


Online Education

Groups can be run in various ways. In the past I have trained in and delivered children's groups that enabled both the provision of information and also therapeutic and educational support, including the following:

* Seasons for Growth (Grief and Loss Program) 

* Jannawi Kid's Club Program (for children who witnessed Domestic Violence) 

* A support and educational group for children in Care with Department of Child Safety 

* Developed and facilitated numerous Free To Be Me Programs (Self esteem and self confidence building program) 

I have also developed and provided Parenting Programs in various roles over the years. These focused on parenting of children under 12 and also then Parenting Teenagers. 

I do not have any set Support/Educational groups available at present, however, I am interested in hearing from the community if anyone is interested in accessing such groups as the Free to Be Me program for children and/or programs that might assist children through grief in particular. The opportunity may also arise for the provision of a Parenting Support and Educational Program should I gather enough interest in this, so please do contact me to discuss further. 


Support Group

Therapeutic Groups are groups whereby people with common experiences meet together in order to learn, grow and heal through some of their experiences in a way that is achieved through group facilitation of exercises and discussion and also through sharing of other group members.


This group format can enable you to begin to share more openly in a safe setting and enables deeper exploration of experiences and patterns of relating that will assist in helping you to heal through experiences and also gain further ideas and information in relation to ways to work through this further. Often Individual Therapy is useful to engage in whilst also engaging in Group Therapy, as this enables you the opportunity to also share what is happening for you in a safe intimate setting that is tailored only to your needs at that time also. 

In the past I have developed and facilitated 'Creating Your Self'. The focus of this group was on assisting those who attended to begin to explore their inner thoughts, feelings and behaviours and to do so through the use of emotional expression, art and sandtray and symbol work methods. This is a group I would be interested in potentially facilitating in future again also, so please do contact me if you are interested, so that I can gather interest, based on community need. 

Also in the past I have delivered a workshop related to Learning to care for and love yourself. I am interested in further development of this type of program in future. If you are interested in this please contact me. 

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